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When you hear someone talk about their home gym, you might be thinking of an elaborate set up with all the latest machines, but a home gym can be whatever you want it to be and that includes affordable.

5 Benefits of a Home Gym


1. Save Money

Yes, there’s the initial cost of getting a gym set up in your home or garage, but once that’s done, that’s it. No more monthly memberships.

That $30 or $50 per month really adds up year after year.

2. Save Time

When your gym is in your spare room or garage, there’s no commute to the gym.

You don’t have to worry about traffic or calculating the twenty-minute commute to the gym into your schedule.

There’s also the time you’d need to back a bag before you leave and the time spent after your workout showering and talking to other people.

When the gym is on sight, that really cuts down on your overall workout time.

3. Always Open

Your own gym is open 24/7.

A lot of people struggle to get to the gym whether it’s because of the commute or cold weather or the darkness at 5AM, but your gym is open to you at any time. When your workout is a two minute walk away, that eases the friction of getting started.

It’s also a lot easier to fit working out into your schedule. You can squeeze in a quick 20 minute workout when the kids are napping or first thing in the morning before you get ready for work.

Having a home gym is so convenient. You can wait until late at night or get up before everyone else in your house. Either way, there’s so much more flexibility if you have your own gym.

4. No Distractions

There’s waiting to use your favorite machine or getting held up chatting to someone when your gym is in your garage.

You don’t even need to wear headphones. You can blast your favorite music and get your workout done in record time without the distractions of going to the gym.

5. Privacy

Going to the gym can be really intimidating if you’re a beginner. You might not be confident in your routine or you might feel embarrassed that you can only do a few reps before needing a break.

When you own the gym, you can wear what you want. You can workout without anyone watching. You can go at your own pace.

You can also put a TV in your home gym and put on a fitness DVD to guide you through your workout.

If you value privacy, a home gym might be the right fit for you.