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Surviving the Holidays
Tips to Stay on Track
by Patti Helsten Petrella

    The Holidays are a challenge for those trying
    average weight gain over the holidays is 12
    pounds.  Let's look at some ways to stay on
    track during this tempting time of year.

    Do- Have a strategy for eating less.  Plan out
    your meals,  with a daily planner.  Being
    prepared if half the battle.

    If you are going out of town, find a gym and
    get a guest pass or find a good
    running/walking path and make time exercise
    everyday.  Exercise a little extra on the days,
    that you know you will be eating a larger meal
    than normal.

    If you don't have control of the menu or
    cooking, plan on eating less.  Better yet, bring
    a dish or two that you know will be healthy.
    Let your spouse, significant other or a family
    member know that you are trying to lose
    weight.  They can help you stay on course.  
    Your support circle is important!  Let others
    assist you in achieving your goals. If you are
    visiting your parents, enlist their help and you
    will all eat healthier.

    healthy snacks to keep your blood sugar level
    and to avoid being tempted by high calorie,
    high fat treats.

    Below are some better choices to fill up on,
    when given a choice:

    1. Roast turkey-skinless turkey breast

    2. Sweet potatoes are great without the butter
    and sugar.

    3. Cranberry relish, without extra sugar.

    4. Potatoes-use evaporated skim milk instead
    of cream to mash them.

    5. Buy low fat eggnog instead of regular
    eggnog.  Go easy, though, it still has a lot of

    6. Use whole wheat rolls instead of white rolls.

    7. Make low fat gravy for the potatoes and

    8. Take just a sliver or bite of dessert or, better
    yet, go with fruit.

    9. Drink lots of water to help fill you up.

    10. Stuffing can be made with whole grain
    bread and bouillon for flavor and moisture.  
    Make on the stove instead of in turkey.

    11. Better yet, go vegetarian.  It takes a lot of
    the emphasis off food and your heart and
    body will thank you.

    If eating where you have no control, just use
    utmost portion control and eat very slowly.  
    Give your brain time to know you are full.  It
    takes about 20 minutes for your brain to get
    the message, so wait 15 minutes or so before
    you decide on seconds.

    Use  creative visualization and bring up the
    perfect image of yourself, when tempted by
    that second helping or unhealthy dessert.

    Weigh yourself and keep on track.

    Focus less on food and more on fun and
    celebrating with the family.  Stay busy-bring a
    game-take a walk with friends and
    family-celebrate, but, remember, you are in control.