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Habits That Sabotage Your Diet
by Patti Helsten Petrella

We are going to get specific about eating habits that sabotage the average diet, and how making
just a few changes can significantly affect weight loss.

•        Night time eating seven times a week, eating an average of 380 calories results in 2,660
calories a week or 40 pounds a year.

•        Snacking while watching TV, 7 hours a week, at 180 calories each time, results in 1,260
calories a week or 19 pounds a year.

•        Drinking one regular soda a day at 144 calories results in 1,008 extra calories a week or 15
pounds a year.

•        Eating a candy bar or donut on break at work, 5 days a week, at about 295 calories, results in
1,475 or 22 pounds a year.

•        Eating dessert, 4 times a week, at about 250 calories, results in 1,000 calories a week or 15
pounds a year.

•        Taking an aerobics class 3 times a week at 45 minutes each  burns 450 calories each, which
results in a weight loss of 1,350 calories for a loss of 20 pounds  a year.

•        Walking five times per week for 45 minutes burns 220 each time, and results in a weight loss
of 16 ponds a year

•        Running five times a week for 45 minutes burns 550 each time, and results in a weight loss of
41 pounds a year.

•        Putting on two pounds of muscle  will burn 80 to 100 extra calories every day for a result of
630 calories a week, and a loss of nine pounds per year.

So you can see, by making small changes you can reap big weight loss results.  Simply by adding
some exercise, building some muscle, and changing some obvious negative eating behaviors, you
can change your life in just a year.

If you are serious about losing weight you will take some time to ponder the cause and effect
patterns that have kept you overweight and in habitual dependence of your eating habits.

Worksheet- Click Here

This is a sample of what your food for the day might look like.

Vegetarians will substitute beans, soy products, tofu, tempeh, seitan, or other vegetable proteins
for any meat used in the sample diet.

Breakfast:         Oatmeal with milk and strawberries, coffee/tea with fat-free creamer = 1 carb, 1
dairy, 1fruit

Snack:              apple with yogurt = 1 fruit, 1 dairy

Lunch:              bean soup, salad, and grilled Portobello with whole-wheat toast =  2 veg., 1 carb, 1

Snack:              cup of low-fat chili = 1 protein

Dinner:             tuna salad made with low-fat mayo, whole-grain toast, lettuce & tomato, beef
bouillon soup, salad, 1 beer = 1 protein, 2 veg., 2 carb

Total   =           3 proteins, 4 carbs (starchy), 4 veg., 2 fruits, 2 dairy

This is meant as a sample.  We will change this daily

For Your Spirit:
If you want to accomplish the goals of your life, you have to begin with the Spirit.
~ Oprah Winfrey