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Welcome to

This is a site
of information
and ideas to
support your
health and
inner journey.

Welcome to

This is a
site of
and ideas
for your
inner journey
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What is Yoga?

The word Yoga comes from the Sanskrit
word "Yuj" meaning to yoke, join or unite.

This means joining or assimilating every
aspect of the individual
body with soul and mind, and uniting  the
individual self, with the Divine.

Yoga originated in India many thousands of
years ago, and is the oldest integrated
method of physical health and peace of
mind.  The five essential principles of Yoga
are:  relaxation, postures or asanas,
breathing or pranayama, diet (wholesome
and vegetarian), and meditation.

Many people, today, practice one, of many
types of yoga, as a way to keep their
bodies fit and supple.  It is important to see
Yoga for what it is; a spiritual and physical
practice.  Yoga allows us to transcend the physical
body and mind  and open to joy.  

According to the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali,
the eventual goal of Yoga is to reach
"Samadhi" (a level of existence beyond
time). The eight limbs of  Yoga are the
series of disciplines leading to this

What ever your reason is for taking Yoga,
it can be a tool for you to accomplish
impressive physical, mental, and spiritual
development. Yoga is a discipline of philosophy and
health as opposed to medicine, which is a science
of disease and treatment. As medical
research has begun to study the effects of
Yoga, it is demonstrating itself as both a
curative and preventative therapy
My Philosophy of Yoga

I encourage each individual to find their own balance and connections to the
body and mind in Yoga practice.  To explore the practice without strict
structure.  To approach Yoga with a sense of curiosity, without judgement or

This practice of Yoga is to direct the mind, body and spirit in unity without
distractions.  Yoga helps us achieve a state of detachment, letting go of the
past and future by staying in the present.  

“I teach Yoga with focus, by way of the  body, spirit and breath, encouraging
each student  to find their own uniqueness, through a sense of
lightheartedness and compassion.”  Yoga can help achieve peace,
happiness and physical well-being, and  through this path we can experience
our own form of bliss (ananda).

We all have this inner light, Yoga just helps us remove self-imposed
limitations to experiencing freedom, strength and joy.

Patti has 33 years experience as a personal trainer and group fitness
instructor.  She has been a student of yoga since 2000 and has been
teaching yoga classes and using yoga principles in her personal training
since 2002.  She has studied Hatha, Ashtanga and Anusara Yoga under
Laurel Hodory,  (M.S., E-RYT 500) and has received her RYT 200
certification through the Yoga Alliance.

For more information on private yoga classes with Patti,
call 614-406-8941 or email her at