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Setting Goals
by Patti Helsten Petrella

Now that you have decided that you are going to loss weight, it is time for some serious goal
setting.  Goals keep you on track and focused to accomplish your objectives.

Making concrete goals and plans help keep you motivated and attentive to what you are doing. You
may also want to look at the “how and why” behind your goal.

The “why” should not be for other people.  Trying to please others with your weight loss may only
set you up for failure and misery.  You  can’t make others happy, but you can make changes for
your own happiness and well being.

Secondly, it is important to look at “how” you see yourself to know how to set your goals.  Accepting
and loving your body you have now, will give you the self-confidence to begin to make any changes
in your life and physical image.  If you are judging yourself through the eyes of other people, it is
not your real self-image.  

Your body is wonderful and you should just be working to make it healthier, but not necessarily
expecting some unrealistic outcome from losing weight.  If you see your body as negative, you end
up berating yourself, which sets into effect emotional triggers such as anger, fear, frustration and
anxiety. Once you truly recognize the value of yourself, just as you are, you will begin to do loving
things for yourself, such as exercise, and eating right.

What can goals do for you?  You need goals so you won’t 'just try to watch what you eat' and hope
for the best.  Goals keep you honest.  You will not be as likely to “fall off the wagon” if you know you
are seeking a certain objective.  It keeps your motivation in high gear.

If you make goals and define them, you may be able to experience the success of striving for and
achieving small goals as you progress. Be specific.  Try putting them in an absolute framework.  Not
“I want to lose weight,” BUT “I am going to lose 50 lbs. and this is how.”  Then go on to list:  working
out, eating a balanced diet, keeping you blood sugar level and so on.

Make your goals small and attainable, be honest with yourself and love yourself.