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Welcome to

This is a
site of
and ideas
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inner journey
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Body/Spirit Fitness offers ideas and
information about fitness and health for
body, mind and spirit.

Lose weight and become healthier by using the free
90 Days to Weight Loss and Wellness Program.

Developed and written by Patti Helsten Petrella,
ACE-Personal Trainer, Yoga RYT 200, Certified Reiki
A Word on Weight Loss
Permanent weight Loss seems be one of the most difficult undertakings one can achieve,
judging by the success rate, or lack thereof. We seem to be dieting ourselves fat. Losing 5-
10lbs, and gaining 10-15lbs, over and over, until we are much heavier than when we started.

The reasons for this are simple. First of all, by looking for the fast fix, we follow the latest fad
diet, which is rarely “eat right and exercise”.

Most people need some help in this area and that is where this program excels.  This is a
help you become the master of your weight loss management program.

YOU are the only one who can actually do it. This program will give you the information on
have completed the whole program and will have all the key tools to change your body and
your life and make those changes permanent.

The daily lessons are designed to keep you motivated, as well as educated with daily
worksheets, quizzes, and accurate and effective information on proper diet, exercise,
motivation, behavior modification, creative visualization and much more. You will monitor your
progress on a weekly basis and exercise will be prescribed daily.

This is a
free tool to help you to reach your weight loss and wellness goals.

90 Days to Weight Loss and Wellness-Click Here Download full PDF file  (This is the
complete book.)

Learn about more about yoga.  Yoga has many benefits, including  flexibility, strength,
balance, and stamina. In addition,  it can reduce anxiety and stress, while improving mental
and emotional clarity .
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