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    Panning Your Weight Loss
    by Patti Helsten Petrella

    Weight management takes planning!  Whatever you are successful at, takes some effort
    and preparation.  Weight loss and weight management are no different.

    The first part of your worksheet is designed to help you plan out your meals and snacks for
    the day.  The purpose of this is to make sure that you are prepared and won’t succumb to
    impulse ordering or eating. By writing it down, your intention will be burned into your
    subconscious and will further aid you in your weight control management. If you are going to
    a restaurant to eat, you will want to make sure you know the menu (i.e. Fax or Internet).  We
    will be covering this more in the next few days.

    Snacks are a very important part of this equation.  You should eat every four hours to keep
    your blood sugar steady.  Planning your snacks is the only way to prevent compulsion
    snacking on unhealthy food.  Make sure you have fruit or other nourishing fare available to
    you.  Not eating often enough, is probably the major cause of weight management failure.

    Planning this out, by writing it down, will keep your strategy fixed and ensure you have
    nutritious low-fat, high fiber snacks available.

    The exercise section of the worksheet has three parts: Duration, Aerobic, and Resistance.
    This includes planning out how long you are going to exercise, the amount of time you spend
    on aerobic and resistance exercise.  Don’t get confused yet!  We will also cover this in great
    detail as the program progresses.  The main point to remember is: You need to make time
    every day to exercise, and this should include, both aerobic and resistance exercises.  
    Exercise will not just happen.  Plan it out!

    To begin, just start walking.  I will be going into different exercises later, but walking is
    something you can do now, without special equipment.

    The third important key tool in this program is positive visualization.  It is very important to
    take some time to visualize yourself exactly how you want to be, and put this image in your
    subconscious. This mental exercise should also include taking time to be kind to you.  Being
    aware of how you talk to yourself is crucial to your success.  This will also be covered in great
    detail.  The key is to learn to be more loving and accepting of yourself, and to change your
    self-image in your psyche.

    OK I said I would try not to overwhelm you, so I am almost done with todays information.

    Review each day's results.  How did you do today?  How can you improve?  This is where you
    write down your actions, and I do mean WRITE IT DOWN!  Putting it on paper is one of the
    most important aspects of this program.  It makes you really see and understand the positive
    and negative patterns that you have developed and are now working through.  The mind is
    the most powerful tool you have in this program.  Writing it down makes it more real and more
    fixed in your mind and subconscious.

    To summarize today’s lesson:

    1.        Eat smaller meals, but eat every 4 hours. Keep your blood sugar level stable.

    2.        Plan out your meals for the day.  Think ahead.  Making a plan is one of the most
    important reasons people are successful in their weight loss plan. USE YOUR WORKSHEET

    3.        Eat more complex carbohydrates, such as brown rice, whole wheat bread, and
    whole-wheat pasta. All fruits and vegetables in their natural state are complex.

    4.        You want to keep your fat down to around 20-24 grams a day when you are trying
    to lose weight or lower your cholesterol. That also means no butter, food cooked in oil or
    fried.  Don’t worry about counting fat grams; if you follow this program, you will be less than
    20 grams. (All fats should be unsaturated)

    5.        Exercise everyday - Aerobic and Resistance. Start by just walking, if nothing else.

    6.        Visualize yourself thin, happy and healthy.  Be kind to yourself!

    7.        Think of these changes as permanent, not a diet that you will ever go off of.  When
    you feel the changes that nutritious eating will bring, you will not want to stop eating healthy.  
    A perfect diet is approximately 65 - 80 percent carbohydrates, 10 - 25 percent protein and 10-
    15 percent fat.  These whole healthy foods will fill you up, and you won’t feel deprived as
    soon as you get used to eating foods that are good for your health!

    This is a sample of what your food for the day might look like. (Changes Daily)

    Vegetarians will substitute beans, soy products, tofu, tempeh, seitan, or other
    vegetable proteins for any meat used in the sample diet.

    Breakfast:         oat meal/skim milk, banana, coffee/tea with non-fat milk or non-fat
    creamer = 1 carb 1 dairy 1 fruit

    Snack:        fat-free yogurt and fresh fruit = 1 fruit, 1 dairy

    Lunch:            tuna on whole wheat/ vegetable soup = 1 protein, 1 veg., 1 carb

    Snack:           meal replacement bar = 1 protein, 1 carb

    Dinner:           grilled Tempeh or other meat substitute/salad/corn/ whole apple
    sauce =1 protein, 2 veg., 1 fruit

    Total    =         3 proteins, 3 carbs (starchy), 3 veg., 3 fruits, 2 dairy

    For worksheet, Click Here

    For Your Spirit:
    'What drains your spirit drains your body. What fuels your spirit fuels your body.
    Call back the energy you are wasting on events of the past.’
    ~C Myss