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Creative Visualization
by Patti Helsten Petrella

The subconscious is very important when developing success from within.  Your subconscious has
been programmed since birth, and we want to reprogram it to work in our behalf.

like, “I’ll never lose weight.” “I have no will-power.”  “I’m so fat.”  How does your subconscious
interpret this?  Exactly as you said it: “I’ll never lose weight.”  “I have no will-power.”  “I’m so fat.”  

The subconscious is constantly working while you’re awake or asleep.  You must start reassessing
how you talk to yourself.  What kind of images and behavioral patterns are you burning into your
subconscious?  If you say you are fat, the subconscious will keep you fat, because that is how it
sees you.  If you say you can’t lose weight then the subconscious will support that idea.

The first thing you can  do is change the way you talk to yourself.  Instead of saying, "I can’t lose
weight",  perhaps start saying, “what I need to do to lose weight is…?” Or “I am gong to lose weight
by eating healthy food and exercising and nothing will prevent me from it.” Positive, empowering
statements and questions lead to positive, empowering results.  The saying “if you can see it, you
can be it” is very true.

The next thing you might do is recreate your body image in your subconscious.  Right now, the
subconscious works to keep your at you present body size, because that is how it sees you.  That is
how it is programmed.  You want to rewrite that program.  You can in part do this through positive

Every morning and every evening  take a few minutes to relax and practice positive visualization.
Take this time to see in your mind exactly how you want to be physically or emotionally.  Imagine
yourself doing something that you like or want to do.  Make it real - right down to the details.

This subconscious picture can then help change your actions.  This small practice is perhaps the
most important part of your plan to make changes in your life, because it can change the inner you,
which can, in turn, change your actions.

Just as an example; Let’s say your office is having a birthday party, and you always, without much
thought to it, indulged in a piece of cake and ice cream.  Now when in a situation, where you are
drawn into old habits, you could simply materialize this picture in you mind, and the subconscious
reacts in a way that is congruent with this new image of you.  In other words, you may not crave the
same unhealthy things that you did before.  

You must practice this visualization, in order for it to work. You must take the time AM and PM.  You
must make this body image so tangible that it is a reality to the subconscious.  You must be willing
and able to pull this image up whenever you are faced old unhealthy habits in order to make new
positive choices that will lead to a healthier happier life.  Contrary to what some people think, we do
have control over our thoughts.  It just takes some effort.

Once you get used to pulling up this positive image of yourself, it will become easier and easier, and
then automatic.  When you are practicing positive visualization, try seeing yourself in a familiar
situation where you are about to overeat or eat the wrong things.  But this time, see yourself making
the right choices.  When the real situation comes up, the subconscious will already have made the
choice for you.  

See yourself exercising and making other positive changes in your life.  The possibilities are
unlimited.  See yourself at your highest potential!

I like the idea of putting a card by your bed with the word visualize on it to remind you to take time to
see yourself as you want to be.  I have used weight control as how you can used visualization,
although it can be used for other changes you would like to make in your life.